Harmonic Table 0.3

Bit slow these days with work and other stuff to get around to some of the changes I'm been meaning to make to these projects, but here is a quick 0.3 stab. I had more changes planned for this release, along with some stuff for playing back patterns and keyboard playback support, but for now I only had time to make a few changes:

  • Chord Mode – Chord mode allows the user to hold down a key on the keyboard and play a chord when a note is clicked. The chord map is on the release page.
  • Chord Lock – By default when playing a chord by pressing a key, the chord only sounds while the key is held down. In chord lock mode you need only press the key of the chord you want to play, and any note you click after that will play that chord
  • Various Performance Fixes – Nothing special here, moved some stuff around and improved map loops to speed the whole thing up a bit

That should cover it, you can download it here.

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