JTTE: Wednesday is Cow Day

##### 7:05 AM I woke at 5:00 am this morning and couldn’t help but catch a quick workout, regardless of the promise to myself not to train during this trip. I argue that it will help keep the jet lag at bay. I don’t foresee a particularly eventful day: work, work, and more work. This could be a long one folks, and I wouldn’t be surprised if there are no updates until tomorrow.


6:30 PM

After a full day of work I found some time to work around the neighborhood again before dinner, this time taking a different route around the park and into a different “sector”. Wednesday is apparently cow day around here, as I ran into more in my 45 minute stroll than I have the entire time I’ve been here.


Don’t eat that dirt, dude.


You lookin’ at my hump?


Why is this big white dude taking my picture?


Yeah, we’re eating trash. A cow gets hungry alright.

I also came across what appears to be the local convenience store, a cluster of small open shops selling everything from packaged snacks to eggs.



I finally came in contact with my first “street food” vendor as well, who was frying up some kind of meat in a big dish, and putting it into wraps. I was sorely tempted despite the prohibitions heaped on me by wife and co-worker. I am told that my weak American digestive system will not be able to handle it, but that I may acclimate in time. We’ll see.


Egg rolls in India? Can my stomach handle it?

I mentioned the smog in my first post, but failed to point out that it seems to “burn off” by the afternoon. Here is the haze in the morning:


And a much clearer view in the afternoon:


Dinner will be in the hotel tonight. Tragically we have to be present for a few meetings tonight (you know, in the morning back home), and we won’t have time to go anywhere too far for dinner. There is always tomorrow night.