Grant Muller

When Life Gives You Lemons, Use Tie-downs.


Last weekend Cary and I were building a brick wall for a patio. The project required toting bricks from one section of the yard to another. I couldn’t use a wheelbarrow because I needed to go up some stairs (I could have gone around but it’s twice as far). We looked everywhere for brick carriers, a little tool that lets you jam a bunch of bricks between two tongs and move them around 8-10 at a time. We literally called every hardware store in a 10 mile radius, nobody could even tell us where to find them.

We had given up, but while unloading the car I noticed my tie-down straps. You know, the nylon straps with the ratcheting lock mechanism? The things you use to keep the TV you just stole from falling out of your truck? Yeah those. These brilliant little multi-taskers came to the rescue in the form of brick totes for the day.

They probably took a little longer to use than “official” brick carriers or tongs, but I don’t have space for another tool I’ll only use once, plus this didn’t cost me anything. Just lay the straps on the ground, stack up a row of brick on them, ratchet it down and walk away. You could probably drag them around this way if you were so inclined. I wasn’t.


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