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Schwinn Prelude Bicycle Restore: Decals

With all the painting done its time to move on to puttin’ fancy stickers on the bike. It occurs to me that I didn’t post a picture of the bike with the paint all finished, so here is a shot:


Looking pretty slick. I ordered two sets of decals for the bike from eBay. If you do a search for whatever bike brand and decals you’ll come up with hundreds. In retrospect I should have looked for Roll-Royce decals, hindsight is often hilarious. I kept it real though, and ordered a set of Schwinn feathers and a set of Schwinn Black Phantoms. The Prelude (what the bike formerly was) came with some pretty 80’s decals, replete with scan lines and big bold beautiful Helvetica, so even if I could find some of replicas of them, I would have gone another direction. I ended up not liking the Phantoms. They were a little big and not as elegant as the the feathers. But, the Phantoms did come with a nice red and gold Schwinn badge, which I ended up using.


Putting decals on is pretty easy. Cut them up into sizes that are manageable, soak in lukewarm water for about 30 seconds or so, then set them into the area you want them on the surface. Oh yeah, clean the surface first. Once you get them where you want them, peel back the backing layer while holding the clear decal layer, making sure that the decal stays where you want it. This being detail work (which I’m miserable at) I just let Rick take care of the three decals


It looks a bit, or exactly, like this with all the decals on:


Next, slap a clear coat or two for protection (and of course to cover up some blemishes), then put it all back together and get it on the street.



  1. Looking for a paint code number so I can match up the exact color on a 1971 Schwinn De Lux Stingray bike. It looks like a green color now. Thanks… David G.

    1. Are you asking for the paint numbers that I used, or the paint numbers on your 1971 Schwinn De Lux Stingray? If it’s the latter I have no idea, but if you want the paint numbers that I used I’ll have to look them up. Let me know,

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