Grant Muller

Pointless Changes

Most of the things I do are completely pointless. For instance, rather than adding content the my Lolight Records site, I instead redesigned it as a WordPress site. Why? It gave me a chance to screw around with a new technology, and implementing PDO for PHP was an unhappy prospect (long story). So check out the site if you want to see it in action, everything that was on the previous site is there on the new site. It just looks better.

Whats the impetus? Besides the screwing around with new technology part, I wanted something that would require less time on my end to maintain. You see, Lolight Records was written 4 years ago entirely in PHP from the ground up, with a custom database and code. That sucks to maintain. Also, I like widgets. The point is I’m trying to get back to spending my time creating content, rather than infrastructure.

So I’m working on some new stuff, music, videos, software and the like.

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