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Mandala Meets Drumset


I’ve had several chances to play my new setup now, including the Mandala. I played a live gig (recording to come) on Friday of last week, and learned a few lessons. Now that I’ve got things under control, I started to create some basic kits in Battery for my Mandala.

The Mandala is capable of subdividing into 7 zones. For a 10 inch surface that’s a lot. It’s really great for emulating snare sounds, and extremely realistic percussion (you can effectively assign any number of samples to these zones, velocity map them, and have a “real” drum). But I don’t need that. I have plenty of drums.

My first little attempt at a custom kit for the Mandala is a riff off of the tabla kit released a while ago. I found that 3 zones per pad is my ideal number, so this little snippet features about 30 samples mapped over 3 zones. Each zone is actually only one “instrument” of course, but velocity mapping dictates that I have more than one sample per zone for a more realistic implementation. Here’s a little sample of my drums and the Mandala working together.

Mandala Tabla Test

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