Grant Muller

Jamie Dupree is the best political journalist you don’t know about

It’s Sunday afternoon and a “Bailout Bill” is imminent. Having listened to this nonsense without explanation all weekend a journalist with trust enough in the beholder has posted and impartial, full text bill proposal as of this afternoon:

He has also posted his analysis, which those who have listened to Dupree in the past can trust to be fairly devoid of bias one way or the other:

In general Dupree is almost always a spectator in the game of politics, never making his leanings known. He consults for a number of radio stations, including WSB Atlanta. You can catch him during the morning hours and sometimes during Boortz’s show (which is usually hilarious as Boortz tries to get him to say things he simply will not say). Most of the characters you see on TV and hear on the radio are just that, characters, designed to entertain whichever bias you are subject to. Dupree is not an entertainer. His blog is fun to read but more often it is highly informative, and of course largely impartial. Those as entertained as I am by the games our politicians play should take a look.

I encourage you all to pay very close attention to what is going on with this bailout bill. This is an opportunity for both major parties to play the “power grab” game, and without voter participation in this cluster it will quickly get out of hand. Those not aware of the implications of this bill to the separations of powers in United States government have some catching up to do.

UPDATE: The full text bill proposal was released by CNN and the other major news outlets hours after this…


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