Grant Muller


The Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth. Yes, Cary and I have been given another puppy, and as one person has already said:

“Holy Zombie Jesus, He’s Cute!”

Indeed. Here is the eight week old professor now as displayed by proud adopted interspecies care-taker, Cary:


So far he appears to be highly intelligent, extremely fastidious (he’s already crate-trained…at 8 weeks), and capable of handling himself in complex social situations involving dogs 40 times his size:

1 vs. 100…pounds

And to think, when Juno was a puppy we almost bought chew-toys that looked like little pugs.

Out cats have taken to him about as well they took to Juno. Fear and loathing best describes the relationship between the cats and the dogs now, and the fact that the cats could easily take the 2.5 lb pug in an old-fashioned donnybrook doesn’t seem to change those sentiments one bit. I’m beginning to think that all those calendar pictures of cats and dogs resting together in perfect harmony are just Photoshop tricks.

The only challenge we face with the Professor in the upcoming months is ensuring that Juno doesn’t mistake him for a meal. I’ll keep you posted.

Grant Muller


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