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First test of the Firepod (FP10)

I guess I should start calling it the FP10, since technically its been renamed/rebranded. Firepod just sounds so cool.

Band practice Saturday consisted of cutting a drum track for an ongoing demo that we’re working on (I’ll post a copy when Bill finishes the mixing). I didn’t feel at all prepared for it, but that’s beside the point, and it actually went really well.

The setup consisted of exactly 3 mics. That’s it. A single overhead condenser, and a dynamic on the kick and snare. We ran those into the FP10 along with a mix of Bill’s “wall-of-keyboards”, and cut the 11 or so minute track in about an hour using Garageband on Bill’s Mac.

It sounded fantastic.

Listening back through a pair of home audio speakers later to the unmixed, uneq’d tracks we all nodded in approval at the quality of the recording. I can’t tell you if it was the preamps, Bill’s skills at mic placement, or the mics, but I can tell you that my drumming had very little to do with it. It was the best drum sound I’ve heard while trying to record outside of a studio. The kick resonated in your chest, the snare and cymbals were crisp without being irritating, and the toms pounded like a stomping rhino. Very nice.

There is a section of the track where I’ll be playing something like a drum solo, which is a rare treat for me, and in 7/8 time to boot. It won’t sound great on the demo, but I’m looking forward to preparing something for it live and for later recordings.

I’ve also retooled the home studio a bit. Look for pics of it as well as the AM practice space. To listen to the older demo from a few weeks ago of the first movement, go here:

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