Grant Muller

2008: A Year Off

Well, as far as athletic competition goes. Anyone paying attention probably noticed that I added nothing to my race schedule after The ING Atlanta Marathon in March, whereas usually I have at least 3 or 4 races in the Summer, and some runs in the Fall.

What happened? Not sure. I forgot to sign up for the tri’s I usually do. I had big plans at the beginning of the year to do a Half-Ironman, but couldn’t seem to find one worth doing. Not to mention when I started looking at the time involved to get myself up to Ironman level I had to ask myself if this was a job or a hobby. Speaking of hobbies, I have more than a few, and of course dedicating more time to one leaves less for another. Cary got sick early in the year, then my grandmother died. Work of course got out of control with yet another project running against an impossible schedule. I can go on making excuses, really, I’m full of them.

I wasn’t the only one. My brother-in-law rode fewer sub 100 mile rides than he has in years. Maybe we’re all just burned out.

I did have one fun race. Cary and I had such a good time in January at the Disney Marathon Cary decided to sign us up for a 5K in September. Turned out to be a nice weekend trip, and it got Cary involved which was a lot of fun as well.

At any rate, I’ve forced myself to sign up for at least 2 marathons early in the 2009 season. Sedona AZ and the ING Atlanta. We’ll see if that kick starts or stalls the next year.


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